About Karen

 I have always been interested in hands on healing, and began the formal study of massage and bodywork therapies in 1990. Graduating from Oregon School of massage, I first became licensed in Oregon in 1992 and then in Washington in 1993. I continued to study with my Shiatsu teacher, Jim Cleaver, for the next few years.


In front of lotus leaves in West Lake, Hang Zhou

When I completed all of the coursework that he offered I began to study tuina, Chi Nei Tsang ( internal organ massage) and meditation with Kyle Cline. I also did coursework and an apprenticeship with Kyle in Chinese herbs. Since then continuing education in shiatsu and Asian bodywork therapy has taken me all across the country and into Canada.

In the fall of 2010, I had the privilege to study  in Hang Zhou, China through Zhejiang Chinese Medical University and to attend the all China symposium on Tuina research.

Most recently, I have completed an yoga teacher training with Melonie Neilson of Vancouver yoga and am continuing studies in yoga therapy.


Working in a Hang Zhou hospital.

I’ve have had a lifelong interest in dance and physical theatre; studying mime, ballet, tap, Argentine tango, Lindy Hop, Zydeco and whatever else was trendy or happening. I’ve also studied yoga for 10 years.

My first degree was a BFA in printmaking and painting in 1986. My main interest, even in artwork, has been the human body and how it moves.

In the beginning of my bodywork career, I worked all over the place: my home, The Center for Stress Relief, Downtown Shiatsu PDX,  Carson Hotsprings, and Skamania Lodge.

In 1996, I settled into practicing at Tri-Natural Healthcare, a multimodality healing center created by Sue Blanton, DC. Soon after she retired in 2009, I opened my own space in downtown Vancouver and have been here ever since.




Karen Kessler, Licensed Massage Practitioner, Asian Bodywork Therapist

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