Thai Massage in Thailand

I'd heard about the Old Medicine Hospital from teachers of Thai massage that I had studied with here in the states. Really good teachers who had studied there and seemed to really know their stuff. While I had learned a lot from them I had always hoped that I would one day make it to Chiang Mai, Thailand to study at the source.   Northern Style Thai massage (called Nuad Boram in Thai) is an ancient system of bodywork originating in Chiang Mai. It combines practitioner assisted Yoga … [Read more...]

What is Gua Sha?

  The first time I heard of gua sha was at an Asian bodywork therapy convention in 1999. A woman named Arya Nielson showed us how it was done and we practiced on each other. I was fascinated by the technique and loved the results but figured it would be hard to convince clients to try it. Describing it makes it sound like it would hurt. And then when you see it, it certainly looks like it would. I rarely practiced it with clients but made a habit of trading sessions with a couple of my … [Read more...]

Cutlivating Good Health in the Springtime

Spring is a time for planting the seeds that you want to cultivate in your garden and in your life. Its also a time for weeding out what does not serve you. We look forward to spring. We come out of our winter hibernation ready for a time when everything is warmer and lighter. Green gushes up from underground roots in great spurts of growth that we can refer to as wood energy. This is an energy that can regenerate and renew. But there is another side of spring that is cold, windy, rainy and … [Read more...]

Cultivating Good Health in the Summertime

Blooming, fullness, creativity and expansion are summer words. In Chinese medicine, summer is assigned the color red and the element, fire. Its the time of heart energy. It is considered an auspicious time. Plants are in their prime and blooming fully. People also tend to be more energetic than in the other seasons. Energy is abundant when days are long and full of light. Because we are part of nature it is a time for us to be expanding and blooming also.   Long hours of light cause us … [Read more...]

Cultivating Good Health with Asian Healthcare Traditions

The Garden of Health and Wellbeing In Chinese philosophy, we think of both the garden and the human body as smaller versions of the entire universe. While visiting Lan Su, Portland's Classical Chinese Garden, I reflected on how the metaphor of the garden is often used in Chinese medicine to describe the landscape of the human body. When we take care of our selves we are not so much like mechanics fixing what goes wrong but like gardeners cultivating health. Both our gardens and our bodies … [Read more...]