Several years ago, my son came to visit me for a few days. He had recently discovered the joy and benefit of Shiatsu, and told me I should try it. When he left he took the appropriate pages from my phone book, and upon his return to Santa Barbara, phoned all of the references and interviewed each one. Karen tells me he had quite a long talk with her. He highly recommended Karen Kessler and I have been going to Karen once a month ever since. I look forward eagerly to each visit because her treatment is incredibly relaxing but at the same time invigorating. I leave there with a spring in my step, leaving all pain behind.

My insurance does not cover these treatments and I have little money for goodies. However, I would give up eating before I would give up my sessions with Karen. Just wonderful.”

         Jean S. 
         Flight Instructor (retired)


“Establishing faith in my personal wellness has been possible with the help of Karen Kessler’s shiatsu appointments. Over the years, I’ve counted myself fortunate to meet Karen.  Her style of massage, ability to communicate her knowledge, great sense of humor and dedication to her clients has impacted my concept of self care.

I have believed in preventative massage for decades, but when I recently had a car accident and broke my leg, I knew that my muscles needed Karen! Her genuine concern and excellence is easy to tap into, just make the appointment and she will assist you in developing the best treatment for your personal needs. Following weeks of her sessions, I’m on my way to physical wholeness again. While healing, confidence in your care is critical. Karen has immense professionalism and provides the best relief for pain or simply for relaxation. One thing for sure, you will be pleasantly relieved to find one of the best therapists in Vancouver, WA.”

           Carol K.
           Teacher, Chaplain, Caregiver


“I began seeing Karen about 11 years ago for chronic pain relating especially to arthritis. I have continued seeing her about twice a month ever since. The shiatsu has been effective for my pain management program. I always feel a great deal of relief from stress and pain after each session.

I have recommended her to friends who have also found a great deal of relief from her treatments.

Also impressive is her personal continuous learning. She has gone to China to study the techniques used for treatment in hospitals there and has taken seminars with Japanese therapists in British Columbia. She is trained in yoga and Chinese herbs.

I recommend Karen wholeheartedly as a knowledgeable and well trained Shiatsu therapist.”

           Lou Lou T.
           French Teacher, World Traveler


 “I see Karen Kessler for massage at her office called Downtown Shiatsu. My friend recommended her and I have been going to her for probably 12 years. She is very knowledgeable and friendly. She does a pressure point massage so you don’t have to undress. You can go there and then and still be presentable to go somewhere else, instead of being all oiled up. I really think that she can help you if you have a problem. She seems to be knowledgeable about injuries and all sorts of things.”

          Marian H.


 “I first came to Karen for shiatsu when I moved to Vancouver about 15 years ago. I had experienced shiatsu on the Bay Area and came to greatly prefer it to regular massage because each session left me feeling both relaxed and energized at the same time- and the results seem to last much longer.

Over the years I’ve come to Karen with various twinges and tweaks, and an hour later I feel like a new person under her skillful hands. Seeing her has become a part of my regular health maintenance program, whether I’m stressed or just want a treat. And I appreciate how conveniently located Downtown Shiatsu is. I heartily recommend her.”

          Joy O.
          Feng shui and color consultant


 ‘”I had received shiatsu many years ago when I lived in Boston, and I was searching for someone local, so was pleased to find Karen Kessler right here in Vancouver.

My first visit to Karen was when I was experiencing severe neck pain due to stress. Under her care the “knots” in my neck were gone. Yeah!!

I continue to see Karen as a part of my health management and find her to be extremely talented and knowledgeable in the art of shiatsu.”

         Barbara B.
         Accountant, Tai Chi Practitioner


Karen Kessler, Licensed Massage Practitioner, Asian Bodywork Therapist

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