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  can you expectShiatsu does not diagnose Western medical conditions, but rather treats the person according to a Chinese medicine assessment. Methods of assessment and evaluation include observing, listening, asking and touching. Touch being the main healing ingredient, treatment may include pressing, or holding along the meridians and/or on acupoints, range of motion of the joints, and dietary or exercise suggestions.

The client is facilitated through a treatment that balances energy, encourages the flow of qi through the meridians, mobilizes tissue and releases restriction while increasing the mobility of the joints. Circulation of Qi, blood and lymph is enhanced

The treatment allows the client to relax in a nurturing and supportive space. Wear loose comfortable clothing, as you will remain fully clothed during the treatment. Treatment is most often done on a massage table, but can be done lying on a mat on the floor or seated.



Karen Kessler, Licensed Massage Practitioner, Asian Bodywork Therapist

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